Pricing & Add-ons
Pricing & Add-ons

Superhub brings you a rich set of new technologies, features, and services with added additional usability, performance, and scalability enhancements to Exchange Basic with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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Why Exchange Basic?

Microsoft Outlook® Web Access (OWA) provides Hosted Messaging and Collaboration users with a better ubiquitous access experience. Exchange Basic adds many OWA related features-for example, the Recover Deleted Items feature to retrieve deleted items, and the ability to customize the OWA user interface to seamlessly integrate custom applications.

Exchange Basic enables a much-more consistent user experience-the Web access experience is more like the Microsoft Outlook client experience. Feature monthly calendar view is back. Public folder is back and users now can access public folders from OWA without having to use the /public virtual directory. Additional language spelling check is also added.

In addition, the access must be secure. Exchange Basic supports reading and composing signed and encrypted e-mail. Users' free/busy information would not be viewed outside the organization without permission-only users within their own organization can view and search free/busy information.

Besides security improvement in OWA like free/busy information and reading/composing signed and encrypted e-mail, Exchange Basic added many built-in protection features. One is the standby continuous replication (SCR) feature for high availability. It is designed largely for data center recovery.

Exchange Basic introduces a new mechanism for distributing Offline Address Books (OAB) that does not require Public Folders. Clients can download their OAB through a web-based distribution point published on a Client Access Server (CAS). The potential advantages of the new distribution mechanism include supporting more concurrent clients, reduced bandwidth usage, and more control over the distribution points. Web-based OAB distribution greatly improves scalability.

Features of Exchange Basic
  • Server roles
  • Antivirus and Anti-Spam
  • Web-based OAB distribution
  • Outlook Web Access
  • Mobility
  • Resource Mailbox
  • Performance improvements
  • Unified Messaging/Office Communications services integration

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