SkyKick Backup for Office 365

Cloud-to-cloud service that offers unlimited backup, fast search and one-click restore of Office 365 Exchange email, calendar, contacts, public folders, and more.
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Editions & Pricing
Editions & Pricing

Data loss happens, even in the cloud


People delete data. Mostly accidentally, sometimes intentionally. 75% of data loss is due to people deleting content, and 32% of companies will experience a data loss event1. That means that even in the cloud, IT partners can spend a lot of time helping customers get back on track. Without a cloud backup solution for Office 365, your customers are missing the foundational piece of data protection to complement native Office 365 features.

We created SkyKick Cloud Backup to make it easy for IT partners to protect customers with a fast, easy way to restore business data quickly and deliver a great customer experience. It’s also a simple way to start or build recurring revenue in your cloud business.

Getting customers back on track is costly

In the absence of an Office 365 backup solution, if data can be recovered at all, it can take as much as six engineer hours to recover a single file. And the cost of recovering an entire folder or mailbox can be unpredictable. Between lost productivity and IT costs, a single recovery can be more expensive than an entire year of a backup solution.

SkyKick Cloud Backup technology works together with native Office 365 features to help you protect your customers’ Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data.


Protect customers and grow recurring revenue


Without Office 365 backup, your customers are missing the foundational piece of cloud data protection.

SkyKick’s Cloud Backup service allows you to restore data quickly and avoid customer satisfaction issues. Plus, it’s a great way to drive Azure consumption while boosting recurring revenue in your cloud business or practice with a low monthly fixed price per user.

Why SkyKick Cloud Backup

Unlimited backup

Yup, unlimited. Backup your customer's Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business data up to 6x daily. All for one simple per user / mo price, with no data limits.

Easy Setup

Nothing to install. Auto-discovery of mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business accounts makes setup and subscribing a snap.

One-Click restore

Lightning-fast search and one-click restore. Permissions respected, and no file overwrites.

*initial min. purchase: 10

Skykick Backup for Office 365 - SharePoint Online...
Skykick Backup for Office 365 - Exchange

Quickly recover Office 365 SharePoint and
OneDrive for Business data

SkyKick Cloud Backup for SharePoint and One Drive for Business is a cloud-to-cloud service that offers unlimited backups, lightning-fast search and one-click restore of your customer’s Office 365 files in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. With 32% of companies reporting data loss in the cloud, a backup solution can be critical for IT solution providers to offer as a complement to Office 365. SkyKick Cloud Backup provides IT partners with comprehensive data protection and fast data recovery, to get customers back up and running quickly.

Causes of data loss in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business



Compare SharePoint & OneDrive for Business
plans combined with SkyKick Cloud Backup

SharePoint and OneDrive for Business have no archiving or expanded data protection features to recover lost data. The loss of important files can be costly, between the value of lost data, technical effort to recover files, and lost productivity. With SkyKick Cloud Backup, lost data can be quickly found and restored right back where it was with no overwrites. That means peace of mind for you and minimal interruption to your customers’ business when data is lost.

Data Protection & Recovery Features Office 365, e.g. E3 Office 365 + Skykick
SharePoint & OneDrive for Business
Deleted Item Retention 186 days Unlimited
SharePoint Storage Capacity baseline 1 TB 1TB + Unlimited Backup
SharePoint Storage Capacity per user 500 MB 500 MB + Unlimited Backup
OneDrive for Business Storage 1 TB per user 1 TB per user + Unlimited Backup
Protection from immediate permanent deletion of SharePoint site content by Site Admin  
Protection from immediate permanent deletion of OneDrive for Business content by End User  
Enables simplified viewing of multiple versions of same file  
Autodiscovery of SharePoint Site  
Autodiscovery of OneDrive for Business Accounts  
Backup and Restore SharePoint and OneDrive for Business files  

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