Pricing & Add-ons
Pricing & Add-ons

Mail Vault is a business-class, cloud-based email archiving solution that seamless integrates with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, and other major email systems. It allows you to securely archive your organization's emails and attachments in a secure, easily searchable centralized email archive. Mail Vault addresses the challenges for audits, industry regulatory compliance, and eDiscovery while easing email management, storage and business continuity concerns.

  • Email management and storage
    • Tamperproof storage of email data
    • Assimilates legacy emails and PST files into a centralized, secure and searchable archive
    • Reduce high costs of maintaining live access to emails
  • Compliance, litigation and eDiscovery
    • Protect your business by complying to law and regulations, internal governance and policies
    • Evidentiary quality data for court
    • Affordable eDiscovery and case management

  • Reduce costs and avoid capital expenditures
    • Pay-as-you-go, monthly subscription
    • Requires no hardware, software, or programming
    • Eliminates the costs of maintaining on-premises email storage
  • Save IT department time and costs
    • Fast deployment
    • Reliable backup and disaster recovery solution
    • Reduces internal IT support burden on maintenance

  • Business continuity
    • Prevention of deletion or loss of critical email data
    • Continuous availability of critical data
    • Off-site storage in mirrored Tier-3 ISO27001 certified data centers

    Key Features
  • Compatible with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, and other major email systems
  • Unlimited storage with 7 years retention period - provides you off-site, tamper-proof storage of all incoming and outgoing emails
  • Tamperproof centralized email archive - protects your organization's intellectual assets
  • Fast and user-friendly email search and retrieval - enables fast lost email search and retrieval by email users
  • HIPAA and SOX compliant - keeps your business in compliance with industry regulations
  • Role-based access and search - save your legal eDiscovery time and costs
  • Data import - eliminates unmanageable PST files on desktops and notebooks; assimilates all emails in a centralized email archive
  • Online access to user or company-wide emails - reduce high costs of maintaining live access to emails

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