Pricing & Add-ons
Pricing & Add-ons

Crossware: Your suitable email signature solution

Crossware Mail Signature for O365+ is a cloud-based signature solution that automatically adds professional, compliant email signatures to all emails, backed by Superhub support and services to ensure successful transition and peace-of-mind journey with Crossware Mail Signature.

Better IT Management

·  Pure cloud based solution, not required to install any additional app or agent

·  Hosted within Microsoft data centres across the world, emails do not to leave the secure Microsoft Cloud at any point

·  Draw foolproof employee details from Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD)

·  Have full control over what employees do with their signatures

·  Centralized management of all signature templates with multiple design


Branding and Marketing

·  Provides a more professional email look-and-feel with consistent branding

·  Signature can be used for marketing or promotional purposes

·  Easy drag-and-drop signature designer, cater plain text, images, html, etc

·  One or more signature block-components can be used in a signature

·  Mobile Email Signature can work with any device


Legal and Compliance

·  Email disclaimers can be added legal and regulatory compliance

·  Keep all employees signatures up-to-date and compliant with company policies

What is Crossware Mail Signature for Office 365 


Crossware Mail Signature for Office 365, by Superhub 

Among different email signature add-ons in the market, Superhub has chosen Crossware Mail Signature to best integrate with Office 365 for your business needs. Superhub can provide value-added support and services necessary to ensure successful transition and peace of mind journey with Crossware Mail Signature, including but not limited to: 

Why Choose Crossware Mail Signature Software
Key Features
Crossware Mail Signature lets you centrally manage the design and usage of your block, including logos, fonts, messages and disclaimers, using the online Centralised Management signature designer tool, allowing easy control of email signatures of the entire company. Personalised information like job title, phone number(s) and departments can be pulled directly from WAAD (Windows Azure Active Directory) or synched from your on premise Active Directory server to WAAD. Other features and benefits include:


Ensure that every email that leaves your company is consistently branded with the correct logo, social media links, and colours.

  • LOOK AND FEEL - Company logo and colours on every email
  • MULTIPLE DESIGNS - Change the signature design bases on rules or groups
  • ANY DEVICE - Include your perfect email signature on emails from any device
  • Disclaimers

    Easily conform to the various email disclaimer laws, and regulations from around the world.

  • COMPLIANCE - Ensure that every email leaving your company is legally compliant.
  • CORRECT PLACEMENT - Choose where your legal disclaimer is placed.
  • TAMPER PROOF - Only those with editor rights have access to make any changes.
  • Advertising

    Don’t just limit your email advertising to specific campaigns, turn every email into an advertising opportunity.

  • VARIOUS DESIGNS - Create specific advertisements and target them to specific groups.
  • DEPARTMENT MANAGEMENT - Give Editor rights to users on individual signatures, so each department can manage their own signatures-
  • ALL DEVICES - Create scalable advertisements to suit any device.
  • Mobile

    Allow staff to bring their own device to work, with no issues to worry about.

  • ANY DEVICE - Send emails from any device and automatically include the correct email signature.
  • MAINTAIN CONSISTENCY - Automatically remove existing text (no more “Sent from my iPhone”).
  • ANY APP OR CLIENT - No need to use a specific email client or app. Send email as you always have done.
  • CORPORATE IDENTITY - Keep your corporate identity on any device

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